BJ Bridge for Android

Connecting with Bluetooth

Take a look at "how to" videos at How to connect with Bluetooth (part 1) and How to connect with Bluetooth (part 2)

First request the Bluetooth control screen by selecting the BLUETOOTH menu entry as in the BriJ Options menu . Components of this control screen are illustrated in what follows.

Starting a bluetooth game





Joining a bluetooth game

When the bluetooth connection has been started by our BriJ server, the other android device can connect by touching the   Join Bt Game   button.

Once the connected message appears, you can touch the  Finish connecting  button (which has now turned green).

Note the bluetooth icon shown on the North playing surface.
The other player will also see an icon in this position, as both players will be seated at the bottom of their android screens. The other player will see the lower hand as North.

Disconnecting or restarting

Use the Disconnect / Retry button to stop the bluetooth connection or to start again in case of difficulty in connecting

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