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BriJ Conventions

In BJ Bridge PRO, there is a choice of bidding systems

    setting your bridge conventions

 The PRO version has a Define Bidding Conventions Wizard that lets you pick an overall style of bidding and allows you to choose which particular conventions you want to adopt or reject, from the list below. For example, you can add 5-card majors to standard Acol if you wish.

You can also specify high card point ranges for opening bids like 1NT, 2NT and specify weak or strong 2-suit openers.

Aother PRO feature offers a choice of settings for an Aggression Level. This controls the bidding style in a contested auction. High 'aggression' effectively inflates points and reduces losing trick count (after a suit fit has been found) when it's advantageous. The reasons might be either to stay in the auction or to get in the way of opponents bidding. Set the level LOW for minimum adjustment to points and losing trick count, probably sensible if you're a beginner. HIGH makes the bidding more interesting, MEDIUM somewhere in between.

Note: Benjaminised Standard English Acol is the bidding system used in the free version of BJ Bridge. It offers a limited set of bidding facilities that you cannot alter. For example you cannot turn off the two-suited overcall conventions or turn on the 5-card majors or Gerber bidding conventions in the free version.

You can adjust the point ranges in the PRO version of BriJ. For example where 1NT is given as 12-14 high card points, the range BriJ uses will depend on the overall convention you chose and any subsequent changes you have made to particular ranges. You can also turn off many of the conventions to suit your own bidding style.

Opening bids


Unbalanced (or balanced with too many hcp for 1NT)

Weak two (optional) or weak three opening bids

5 Card Majors (optional)

Strong Benji (optional)

Strong Twos (non-Benji, optional)

Response Bids


Puppet Stayman after 2NT


After 1NT:

After 2NT, direct opening or strong Benji rebid

Roman Key-card Blackwood (RKCB) (optional, alternative to standard Blackwood)

Blackwood (optional, alternative to RKCB)

Gerber (optional)

Quantitative 4NT (optional)


ELH overcall over 1 suit opener showing at least two 5 card suits (optional)

Normal suit overcall

Asptro overcall over 1NT, showing 2-suited hand in at least 9 cards (optional)

Normal suit overcall over 1NT

Doubles and redoubles

Finding NT contracts

Showing a strong hand

Playing conventions

Defence leads (in rough order of preference)



Some jargon you need to understand when you feel ready

More to come....